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In the late 70's and early 80's, memory chips were expensive. As such, computers were often sold with a very minimal amount of memory with a means to expand them later. This is why cartridges were favored for video game consoles; people would purchase the consoles, then as memory dropped in price, more sophisticated games were made available.


The Vic 20 was designed to compete directly against video game consoles. At the time, the selling point for video game consoles was their ability to bring arcade hits home. The Vic 20's limited memory meant that cartridges were the best way to achieve this. As memory prices dropped, we would see more sophisticated games.


Since the Vic 20 was a full fledged computer, various types of software besides games (brown case, not beige) were released on cartridge format to get around the 3.5k limit. Much of this software took advantage of the Vic's peripherals. For instance, the Vic music composer allowed the user to save their music composition on tape. Terminal software made use of the VICModem.

Cartridge list by Company


A989         IFR


RX8547       Battlezone
RX8504       Centipede
RX8507       Defender
RX8510       Dig Dug
RX8513       Donkey Kong
RX8541       Galaxian
RX8529       Jungle Hunt
RX8532       Moon Patrol
RX8544       Ms. Pac-Man
RX8501       Pac-Man
RX8535       Pole Position
RX8520       Robotron: 2084


             Mountain King


20001        Crater Raider
20003        Cyclon


Viccart-224  A.E.
Viccart-220  Lode Runner
Viccart-221  MasterType
Viccart-223  SeaFox
Viccart-222  Skyblazer

CBS Soft.

22107        K-Razy Antiks                  
22108        K-Star Patrol             


VIC-1001   Waterloo Structured BASIC (Commodore Canada release only)
VIC-1011A  RS232C adapter (plugs on the user port)
VIC-1011B  RS232C adapter (plugs on the user port)
VIC-1110   8K RAM Cartridge
VIC-1111   16K RAM Cartridge
VIC-1112   IEEE-488 interface cartridge
VIC-1210   3K RAM Cartridge
VIC-1211   Super Expander
VIC-1211A  Super Expander with 3K RAM Cartridge
VIC-1211M  Japanese version of the Super Expander + 3K RAM (shown in VIC-1001 brochure)
VIC-1212   Programmers Aid Cartridge
VIC-1213   Machine Language Monitor
VIC-1901   Avenger
VIC-1902   Star Battle
VIC-1903   Rally-X (only in Japan?)
VIC-1904   Slot / SuperSlot (also marketed as VC-1904 "Las Vegas")
VIC-1905   Jelly Monsters
VIC-1906   Alien / Super Alien
VIC-1907   Jupiter Lander
VIC-1908   Poker
VIC-1909   Road Race / Midnight Drive
VIC-1910   Radar Ratrace
VIC-1911   The Sky Is Falling
VIC-1912   Mole Attack
VIC-1913   Raid On Fort Knox
VIC-1914   Adventure Land
VIC-1915   Pirate's Cove
VIC-1916   Mission Impossible
VIC-1917   The Count
VIC-1918   Voodoo Castle
VIC-1919   Sargon II Chess
VIC-1920   Pinball
VIC-1921   Super Smash
VIC-1922   Cosmic Cruncher
VIC-1923   Gorf
VIC-1924   Omega Race
VIC-1925   Money Wars
VIC-1926   Menagerie
VIC-1927   Cosmic Jailbreak
VIC-1928   Home Babysitter
VIC-1929   Personal Finance
VIC-1930   Visible Solar System
VIC-1931   Clowns
VIC-1932   Garden Wars
VIC-1933   Speed Math/Bingo Math
VIC-1934   === Never Released ===
VIC-1935   Commodore Artist
VIC-1936   === Never Released === (product number reserved for "Space Vultures"?)
VIC-1937   Sea Wolf
VIC-1938   Tooth Invaders
VIC-1939   Star Post
VIC-1940   === Never Released ===
VIC-1941   Number Nabber, Shape Grabber


VI AP C      Apple Panic                    
VI AB C      Astroblitz                     
VI BH C      Black Hole                     
VI CL C      Choplifter                     
VI HF C      Household Finance              
VI CH C      In the Chips                   
VI PI C      Pipes                          
VI RH C ?    Rat Hotel                      
VI SE C      Serpentine                     
VI SF C      Spills and Fills               
VI TG C      TerraGuard                     
VI TM C      Trashman                       
VI VM C      Videomania                     


             Baldor's Castle                


676R          Fun With Music               
566R          Monster Maze


VIC-7301     Space Snake
VIC-7302     Bridge  
VIC-7303     A World at War


C305         Aggressor                      
C326         Alphabet Zoo                   
C318         Attack of the Mutant Camels    
C324         Facemaker                      
C312         Gridrunner                     
C302         HesMon                         
C304         HesWriter                      
C325         Kids on Keys                   
C322         Kindercomp                     
C319         Lazer Zone                     
             Mosquito Infestation           
C321         Pharaoh's Curse                
C316         Predator                       
C308         Protector                      
C310         Robot Panic                    
             Satellite Patrol               
C307         Shamus                         
C323         Story Machine                  
C306         Synthesound                    
C303         Turtle Graphics                
C301         Vic FORTH                      


720051-1A    Atlantis                       
720050-1A    Demon Attack                   
720052-1A    Dragonfire                     

Koala Tech.

             Dancing Bear                   

Machine Lang.

             Amazing Maze                   
             Dot Gobbler                    
             Tank Wars


             Mobile Attack


             Alien Sidestep                 
             Bug Crusher                    
             Space Ric-O-Shay               

Parker Bros

PB1410       Frogger                        
PB1420       Q*Bert                         
PB1430       Tutankham                      


             Miner 2049'er                  


             Princess & Frog            


005-04       Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom    
006-04       Congo Bongo                    
004-04       Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator
001-04       Tac-Scan (not released - prototype only)


CBL-401      Cannonball Blitz               
CCL-401      Creepy Corridors               
CFL-401      Crossfire                      
JBL-401      Jawbreaker II                  
LLL-401      Lunar Leeper                   
THL-401      Threshold                      


             Capture the Flag               
             Deadly Duck                    
             Fast Eddie                     
             Final Orbit/Bumper Bash (2-on-1)
22031        Snake Byte                     
22015        Spider City                    
22005        Turmoil                        
22010        Type Attack                    


SC-215       Ape Escape                     
SC-207       Cave-in                        
SC-208       Number Crunch


VS152        VICKIT 5 (6502 Assembler)
VS0169       VICKIT 3 (Supergraphics)
VS0171       VICKIT 4 (High Speed Cassette Operations & Machine Code Monitor)
VS0174       VICKIT 1 (Programming Aids)
VS0175       VICKIT 2 (Supergraphics Programming Aids)


             Tank Atak                      

TG Software


Thorn EMI

THC 22006    Computer War                   
THC 22005    Fourth Encounter               
THC 22007    Medieval Joust                 
THC 22008    Mine Madness                   
THC 22004    Mutant Herd                    
THC 22001    River Rescue                   
THC 22003    Submarine Commander            
THC 22002    Vic Music Composer             


7-007-20     Polaris                        
7-006-20     Springer                       


             Deadly Skies                   
             Gold Fever                     


V2CDF        D'fuse
             Key Quest


1619         Alien Blitz                    
1611         Amok                           
1605         Arachnoid                      
1636         Cloudburst                     
1613         Meteor Run                     
1635         Outworld                       
1600         Renaissance                    
1650         Satellites and Meteorites      
1641         Skibbereen                     
1604         Spiders of Mars                
             Sub Chase                      
1642         Super Amok                     
1638         Video Vermin
16??         Wordcraft-20


6235         Artillery Duel                 
6235         Chuck Norris Superkicks        
6215         Ghost Manor                    
6245         Motocross Racer                
6225         Robin Hood                     
6225         Sir Lancelot                   
6215         Spike's Peak                   
6245         Tomarc the Barbarian           
Note that Xonox carts sometimes came two-per-case, as "double-enders".
These carts had 2 sides (front and back?) that plugged into the VIC-20.
The initials seen above show what cart was paired with what other cart.
All of the Xonox carts above were made as both single and double-enders
but only the double-ender's part numbers are shown in the list above.


At the end of 2006, after numerous discussion concerning the usage of octal flip-flops or latches connected to the IO2 and IO3 lines of the VIC-20 as a means of selecting a particular section of a large capacity non volatile memory, two different projects were started to create multicarts for the VIC-20.

The Behr Bonz multicart

The Behr Bonz created by Eslapion in 2008 is geared towards a "historical preservation only" approach with a content of 127 games that were all originally published as cartridges and all of these having being available as commercial products prior to the VIC-20's production being stopped.

The first production run of the Behr Bonz has sold 100 units worldwide with two additional pre-production units freely donated to the creator of the menu system, V1and3, and the designer of the promotional web page, AlanR.

This product was available in NTSC and PAL flavors with content selected and screen adjusted for respective systems. The price tag of 30$ US per unit was the same for both variants with only the content of the 27C160 EPROM being different.

A second production run of 81 units began shipping in May 2015 and sold out in June 2016. This run had an improved menu from e5frog which allowed to jump directly to any specific game by pressing a sequence of a number from 1 to 8 followed by a letter from A to Q. It also carried a 'Reset to Menu' button which allowed the selection of another game without the need to power cycle the VIC-20. Initially offered for 48$US, the price later dropped to 36$US per unit and was the same for both variants.

The Behr Bonz is currently out of production and unavailable.

The Final Expansion

Final Expansion

The Megacart

The Megacart is an all encompassive cart which provides both multicart capabilities as well as RAM expansion. Unlike the Behr Bonz, the Megacart contains games as well as utility software published as cartridges or on disk or tape. It also contains utility software and games created after the VIC-20 was no longer produced.

The Megacart is expected to be released in 2009 with a price tag of approx. 100$ US.

The Megacart's hardware was created by 6502dude and the menu system by Carlsson and NBLA000.

The Penultimate Cartridge

Tynemouth Software

The UltiMem



The Ultra Vic-20 Cart

The Ultra Vic-20 Cart is being created by fsporsche(Fred Santos) It will have every program ever made for the Vic-20 with a plus feature of a SD/Card reader built in.

The Ultra Vic-20 Cart is in Development and is expected to be released in 2011 with a price tag of approx. $99.00

The Vic Flash Plugin

By Marko Mäkelä [1]