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Postby MCes » Wed Jan 31, 2018 3:48 am

PLA programmed as the relative Commodore's part number!

More originals than originals:
For own computers Commodore initially programmed PLAs (supplied from market by vary brands),
after this the PLAs was produced, saving too much, directly by Commodore with terrible consequences:
on C64 "breadbin", for example, the PLA became the first reason of defect....

My chips are real PLA (NOT produced by Commodore) that I have programmed with same logical equations of relative Commodore "part number", each PLA is tested with "vectors generator" that supply the PLA under test with all possible input configuration (65536) and for each of them will checked the correct response.

PLA available / used in

251641-02 / C16/C116/plus4
251641-03 / 1551
906114-01 / C64 / SX64
906114-02 / P500
906114-03 / P500
906114-04 / B500, B128-80, 610, 620, B715
906114-05 / CBM 128-80/256-80, B700/710/720

Price: 10€/pc, plus sending, (via paypal gift)

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