Found Undumped Vicmon version

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Found Undumped Vicmon version

Postby dragos » Thu Sep 29, 2016 7:15 am

So, a long time ago (6-7 years) a CCCC club member knew I like Vic stuff and gave me a homemade cart of Vicmon. It was labeled vicmon 2 and it sat in a tote until a week ago.

It is unlike the other dumps I have seen for Vicmon, check out the screenshots.

Anyone ever seen a version with COLOR??
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Re: Found Undumped Vicmon version

Postby jbevren » Thu Sep 29, 2016 8:01 am

I did some initial looks at the monitor Dragos dumped and thought I'd post a few notes:

Code: Select all

vicmon3.1 @a000, 4096 bytes; no autostart
rom md5sum (without load address) f78eb0afe250f3316da1e83e8fee3873

a7e8 -> brk low
a7e9 -> brk high
 = a017

a7bb = commands :
Hex:    3a 3b 52 4d 47 58 4c 53 54 46 47 44 50 2c 41
Ascii:  :  ;  R  M  G  x  m  s  t  f  g  d  p  ,  a

a7ca : Command RTS vectors:
command addr    data
[init]  a000
[BRK]   a017
[prompt] a044
:       a14d    4c a1
;       a140    3f a1
R       a0de    dd a0
M       a107    06 a1
G       a161    60 a1
X       a188    87 a1
L       a1ea    e9 a1
S       a1fe    fd a1
T       a341    40 a3
F       a395    94 a3
H       a3c3    c2 a3
D       a436    35 a4
P       a55e    5d a5
,       a436    35 a4
A       a55e    5d a5

The table is supported commands followed by their routines' addresses. A neat feature of this monitor is that it color codes its output, making it easier to read.

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Re: Found Undumped Vicmon version

Postby eslapion » Thu Sep 29, 2016 11:26 am

I suggest you send this to Bo Zimmerman. His online archive is pretty much where everyone looks first when searching for dumped cartridges.
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