I think I might have found an undocumented VIC cartridge...

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Re: I think I might have found an undocumented VIC cartridge...

Postby eslapion » Fri Dec 22, 2017 3:42 pm

Mike wrote:I fondly remember what was involved in this - your find and doing the dump of the cartridge, some careful analysis of the code leading to a whole documentation of all commands, even a scan of the manual re-appeared some time later.

A scan which was performed by yours truly. :wink:

I still have the original manual.

eslapion wrote:Well, what do you know... I just recovered a JEWEL!

I have the complete instruction manual for the VIC-20's version of Waterloo Structured Basic. It has 191 pages.

The software and book was created by D.D. Cowan, J.W. Graham, J.W. Welch and T.A. Wilkinson.

The book is © 1983.

Hey guys... I really want to archive this so you can get access to it but thats a LOT of work... can anyone help ?

BTW, IIRC nobody offered to help...
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