There's some stuff in my local Thrift store

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Re: There's some stuff in my local Thrift store

Postby Forbidden64 » Wed Nov 15, 2017 1:42 am

Anyone in the Orange County area of California would probably love the store called recomp. I found it from someone posting in a similar thread on They basically have knowledgeable people in computers who sometimes stock vintage stuff. At the time, they had dozens of MFM hard drives! You don't see those very often. In any case, I need to get over there and post what they have. Supposedly, they get quite a lot of old computers in for recycling/resale. I live about 20 minutes from this place...and I haven't been there yet!

"... Since 1994, we've been devoted to finding new uses for used or obsolete equipment..."

Apparently, they do electronics repair as well, which was mentioned in their yelp reviews. So clearly, these aren't your common or garden variety thrift shop guys who think that the hard drive is made out of wood, and that memory is made out of zombie brains collected by scientists from select corpses on the organ donor list. They seem to be people like us, in short...but with a store. Imagine the splendorous horror that awaits!

[I'm sure the subconscious reason I haven't gone there yet, is that there is a high likelyhood I would spend over $500 in one go. It would be like setting a kid loose with piles of cash in a candy store. Except I would have walked out with 5 model M keyboards, a few ZIP drives etc. and definitely an MFM hard drive if they had one! A nice Seagate ST-104 would do nicely.]

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