Pre-Orders: Final Expansion 3 Rev 11 [3nd Batch]

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Pre-Orders: Final Expansion 3 Rev 11 [3nd Batch]

Postby SkydivinGirl » Sat Aug 12, 2017 9:19 am

This thread is for pre-ordering a Final Expansion 3 Rev 11 from the 3rd batch. PCBs have been ordered but I need at least 14 paid pre-orders before I will order parts. Shipping will begin in September. No refunds will be given after parts are ordered.

e5frog and SkydivinGirl are happy to present the VIC-20 Final Expansion 3 Rev 11.

Image Image

This revision of the Final Expansion 3 is functionally equivalent to both the Rev 9 and Rev 10 versions that have been sold in the past. It features the following:

• Built-In Menu System.
• A Built-in SD2IEC drive capable of running the latest SD2IEC firmware.
• SD2IEC EEPROM File System (Beta). Allows you to store some files in the SD2IEC without using an SD card. See SD2IEC documentation for usage.
• Diskloader to access files on the SD2IEC from the menu system.
• Battery Backed Real Time Clock (RTC) for accurate Time/Date stamps on SD2IEC.
• 512KB configurable memory expansion.
• 512KB Programmable ROM. Flash your programs to ROM directly from your VIC-20.
• FE3 DOS Wedge with SJLoad (JiffyDOS Compatible Load/Save).
• Dual Reset Buttons – Resets current running configuration or back to menu.

Final Expansion WIKI: ... _Expansion
Final Expansion Manual: ... Manual.pdf

The Final Expansion 3 Rev 11 has the following changes:

• Dual IEC Headers allow you to use standard IEC cables as well as connect other IEC devices to your VIC-20 at the same time.
• IEC cables can still be soldered directly to the PCB in place of the IEC headers if you prefer. Strain relief holes are provided on the PCB to allow for this type of assembly.
• Component changes to allow for easier sourcing of parts and assembly of the kit.
• Tactile switches allow for easier case mounting and removal of the case when replacing the Battery.
• Downloadable 3D case designed by COREi64. (See Below)
• One of three labels to match the case mounting option of your choice: Standard VIC-20 case without IEC Headers (cable directly wired), Standard VIC-20 case with IEC headers (top case cut to accommodate IEC Headers), or COREi64 designed case.
• EEPROM pre-programmed with games by Jeffrey Daniels of the VIC-20 DENIAL Website.

COREi64 has a case for the Final Expansion 3 Rev 11. The case is not included with a kit or assembled device. You can purchase it from his web store, Shapeways, or download the files to print yourself!

COREi64 Store:
Shapeways: ... ridge-case

Image Image Image Image

I have 25 Units available for this batch. These units are available in either Kit form to assemble yourself or fully assembled devices. There are some surface mount components. I will mount these components free for people who want kits but are unable to mount these parts themselves.

One label is included with each kit/device. There are four different labels to choose from.

Standard Shell:

Standard Shell with DIN Cutouts:

Standard Shell with DIN and Switch Cutouts:
Image Image

COREi64 Case:

Pre-Order Pricing:

$65.00 - Kit + Label **

$110.00 - Fully Assembled & Tested + Label

$1 - Each Additional Label

Money from pre-orders is used to purchase parts. Therefore, no refunds can be given on pre-orders. You will receive the products you purchase.

** Kits are guaranteed to have all the parts and they will be shipped in a new box with adequate packing material to protect the parts. I cannot be responsible if a device you assemble does not work. I will work with you to perform troubleshooting and help in any way I can.

Kit Assembly:

*NOTE* There have been some small changes to the PCB in this batch to make assembly easier and to remove the extra PCB trace that needed to be cut in previous batches. Assembly is identical but some parts have been slightly shifted.

Shipping Notice: Each device weighs about 6 Ounces. Shipping one device to most countries outside the USA will cost around $13.50. Shipping more than one device will cost around $22.50. Please send me your mailing address via PM along with the number of kits/devices you want so I can get you an accurate shipping quote. Shipping to Canada is less expensive than other International destinations. Shipping up to three kits within the USA is $7.15. Shipping multiple assembled devices may cost more. If shipping prices change between the time you place your pre-order and the actual shipping date, you will be responsible for the difference.


Payment must be paid via PayPal Gift/Personal Payment. I no longer accept standard PayPal payments.

Please read the following before contacting me to buy:

Please be courteous of my time. If you do not contact me after I take the time to get a shipping quote and send it to you then I will not sell anything to you in the future. All I ask is that you respond, even if the shipping quote is too high or something comes up and you can't afford it.

A huge thanks to Diddl and everyone who has worked on the Final Expansion 3. I also could not have offered this project without the tireless efforts of e5frog. He does amazing PCB design and I’m happy to have partnered with him to bring another amazing kit to the community.


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Re: Pre-Orders: Final Expansion 3 Rev 11 [3nd Batch]

Postby srowe » Sat Aug 12, 2017 10:46 am

Don't forget the User Guide I've written

Any updates gratefully received.

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Re: Pre-Orders: Final Expansion 3 Rev 11 [3nd Batch]

Postby SkydivinGirl » Sat Aug 12, 2017 10:57 am

Thanks for the reminder! I'll update my threads on the other forums to include a link to your wonderful manual. :)


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