4ty - 40x25 interlaced text mode on unexpanded VIC 20

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Re: 4ty - 40x25 interlaced text mode on unexpanded VIC 20

Postby plbyrd » Tue Sep 19, 2017 9:28 am

OK, so I've got my charset defined with both upper and lower and reverse all setup in the first 512 characters. I've just about decided to make the 40 column support a loadable module and make the character set loadable as well. This would have some advantages. A user with only 8k expansion could use the terminal by using the built in charset. A user happy with 22 columns can choose to use the C64 font with 24K. A user with wanting the 40 column setup can use the 4x8 font. Additionally, I'm working on PUNTER support and plan to make that a module as well. That would free up room for swapping out protocols and keeping the footprint under 24k.

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