New Frontiers in VIC-Hires-Graphics Series

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New Frontiers in VIC-Hires-Graphics Series

Postby Mike » Fri Mar 15, 2013 7:28 am

Hi, y'all!

Over the time, the threads about 'New Frontiers in VIC-Hires-Graphics' became scattered around in the Programming section.

I gathered all links to these here in this post, to make it easier to follow the whole development over the last three years.

Maybe it would also be appropiate to add in some sidekick projects.

Could one of the moderators please make this thread sticky? (Edit: thanks! :))

Anyway, here we go:

o Part 1: Introduction, Overview
o Part 2: Adding an extra line: 160x200
o Part 3: Taking it further: 160x240
o Part 4: Faster routine, better resolution: 208x208
o Part 5: The Final Frontier? 208x240
o Part 6: Beyond the Frontier! 208x248
o Part 7: Hyper-Graphics reloaded: 208x256 as real bitmap in MAXIGRAFIK
o Part 8: Beyond 8 bit: 272 lines of resolution
o Part 9: Better colour resolution: 8x8 instead of 8x16
o Part 10: FLI for the VIC-20 - an 8x1 colour resolution with 72x256 pixels
o Part 11: How 'Yes VIC can' came about
o Part 12: Going over the pond: MIFLI - 168x384i on NTSC
o Part 13: Eat that, C64! 192x416i on NTSC: Retina Display for VIC-20
o Part 14: Uberflieger - 96x256 FLI and 224x280 Ubermode on PAL
o Part 15: Guess the graphics mode.
o Part 16: FLINALE: 88x400i NIFLI for NTSC (and 104x256 WIDE-FLI for PAL finally released)


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