MAXIGRAFIK: 208 x 256 true, high-resolution graphics!

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Postby orion70 » Tue Jan 04, 2011 3:48 am

Mike wrote:Would you be so kind to post the source code for the left one? ;)

Of course:

Code: Select all

10 multi1:clear
20 color0,1:color1,6:color2,2:color3,5
30 forr=0to207step8
40 draw1,r,0to207,r
50 draw1,0,rtor,207
60 draw2,r,207tor,255
70 nextr
80 forz=4to73step8
90 circle3,104,104,z,75
100 circle3,104,104,75,z
110 nextz
120 forw=207to255step8
130 draw2,0,wto207,w
140 nextw
150 show
160 multi0

Mike wrote:As I wrote above, that would most probably require a "fall-back" to MINIGRAFIK, and the 40-column routines available for MG. A line-based editor for ASCII texts should be quite easy to implement in BASIC, given the components already available. If you like, we can develop this one here in Denial, in an open thread ... just post a WIP. :)

OK, I'll make the first attempts available ASAP :wink: .

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Re: MAXIGRAFIK: 208 x 256 true, high-resolution graphics!

Postby armypavarmy » Thu Sep 07, 2017 6:02 am

hello everyone is Armando
These demo screens are
realized by me with Maxigrafik
The listed ones are available to those who have them.
Greetings ...... Armando
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