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Realms of Quest
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Postby Ghislain » Mon Nov 02, 2009 7:23 am

Name: REALMS OF QUEST III (commercial version)
Author: Ghislain
Publisher: Psytronik
Requirements: NTSC or PAL VIC-20 with 16K or 32K memory expansion. Disk drive. Joystick is optional.
Description: A grand computer RPG game for the VIC-20 which includes the full 32K version and a special 16K "Dunjon Crawler" edition. Enhanced graphics by saehn. Manual artwork by darkatx. Side 2 of this release includes "System IIII: The Complete Anthology" with the following games: Realms of Quest (1991), Realms of Quest II (Unfinished Demo) (1993), Dunjon I & II (2003), Realms of Quest II (2004), Ringside Boxing (1996), Ringside Wrestling (1990), Break-Fast (1988), Dunjon Master (1990), Haunted House (1990), Ice Hockey (1996), Meteor Zone (1996), Monkey Kong (1993), Napoleon Simulator (2006), Paratrooper (1990), Vicfall! (1993), Vicfall II (1996), Vicside Boxing (2004), Worm-Out II (1990)

Premium Edition: ... cts_id=510

Budget Edition: ... cts_id=511


(clockwise from upper-left: first mockup "proof of concept" for Dunjon III which would later evolve into Realms of Quest III, party menu graphic, saehn's magnificient splash screen for the intro, and the party traveling on the surface map)


(the above are saehn's enhanced graphics that are included in the commercial release)


Discuss it here: ... sc&start=0[/quote]
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Postby Jeff-20 » Wed Dec 30, 2009 6:03 am

Name: Denial Collection 3
Author: Jeffrey Daniels
Released: December 2, 2009
Requirements: VIC-20 (no memory expansion required), keyboard controlled
Description: Box Set collection of new games.


Download: [coming soon]

Read more and discuss Denial Collection 3 here.
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Postby tlr » Wed Dec 30, 2009 3:35 pm

Name: mega-tools 1.0
Author: Daniel Kahlin
Released: December 30th, 2009
Requirements: VIC-20 with Mega-Cart


Download: mega-tools-1.0.tar.gz

Discuss this program here.

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