Can't start Vic cartridges from VICE xvic command line

You need an actual VIC.

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Can't start Vic cartridges from VICE xvic command line

Postby Neo-Rio » Wed Mar 15, 2017 7:28 pm

I was mucking about with RetroPie trying to get CRT vic-20 cart games to start from the command line, but I keep hitting an error.
Then I tried it in Windows.... same problem

Note that I'm using Vice-3.0 on both.

xvic.exe -cartgeneric "<path to crt>"

I get : Argument "<path to crt>" not valid for option -cartgeneric

If the path isn't valid as an option, I clearly don't know what is.
I've been using CRT files from the vic-20 TOSEC that you can find on
I tried cosmic cruncher as a test, but it seems no matter what I put that path to the file in, it doesn't work.

Also tried running xvic.exe "<path to crt>" without the -cartgeneric but the emulator thinks it's a program file, drops it into an autostart.d64 and of course won't start either.

I have zero problems loading the CRT and getting it to work if I just do it through the xvic GUI and select a generic CRT. However I'm trying to get xvic to autostart with the cartridge.

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