recommendations for a switch in a VC-20 ?

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recommendations for a switch in a VC-20 ?

Postby Overdoc » Thu Apr 13, 2017 9:41 am

Hi VIC-20 lovers,

I have a PAL VC-20 which has a reset button and a small switch installed in it's case.
However, the switch is currently not connected to anywhere on the board.

Now since the switch is already there, I would like to ask for some recommendations what to do with it ?
I have thought about the following aplications:

Replace the kernal with a Jiffydos/originaldos eprom, and use the switch to select.
However, I am not sure how much Jiffydos would be worth in the VIC-20, since there is only a Maximum of 27.5kB Memory, and most Software/games probably only have 8kB or 16kB, so at least Jiffydos's fastloader would not really make much difference ?

Use the switch for write protecting an attached 8kB ram chartridge configured for BLK 5, to be able to play dumps of cartridge games from the ram expoansion.
That would be a good idea, but I am not sure how it is done ?
Would it just be enough to pull the two r/w lines for CPU and VIC to high level ? Or is there more to be done ?

Any other suggestions for the switch ?

Thanks for your recommendations,

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