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Re: VIC 20 circuit board

Postby lance.ewing » Sun Oct 08, 2017 2:38 pm

I think this project, weighed by its original goals, has reached completion. The motherboard is screwed in to the C64C case, with the keyboard attached, the joystick wires connected to a joystick port, and a power jack wired up to the case. Everything seems to be working.

I used a bit of what was lying around (surplus DIP switches and a mini prototype board) to add some support to compensate for not having screws at the right hand end. Looks a bit ugly but seems to be doing the job. The joystick is working well, so soldering those seven wires directly to the tracks seems to have worked. I soldered the +5 and GND wires of the joystick port to two of the expansion port pins, because they just happened to be nearby. I've got a Penultimate Cartridge and SD2IEC and they both seem to be working well. Not bad for a board that had nearly 2 inches hacksawed off the end. The end result is a sawnoff VIC in a C64C case.

Here are a few pics to show how things ended up:

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