The VIC 20 is brilliant thread

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The VIC 20 is brilliant thread

Postby 16KVIC20 » Wed Oct 04, 2017 1:33 pm

I haven't been here for some time until recently, and I hadn't used my VIC much either.

Recently I fished out my Dragon 32 for curiosity, and then I bought a BBC model B. So then I looked at the C64 again, and loaded up some games, and then I turned to the VIC 20, my first, humble computer.
And just wow!

This is still an amazing little machine. In the right hands this little computer packs a punch with the rest of them.
It probably has the best versions of Space Invaders and Pac Man. TETRIS is better on the VIC than on the BBC.
Some of the recent software that I have downloaded form here we never would have dreamt possible in the 80s.

So this is a thread for the love of the VIC 20, the friendly computer.

I couldn't get any of my Spectrums to work.... That about says it for Sinclair.

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