Attic dive

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Attic dive

Postby eunosroadster » Sun Aug 13, 2017 4:21 pm

Hi all, I can't find much for vic-20 info besides a 1995 list which surely is a bit out of date. So I just recovered a box of old hardware from the parents attic and there is a bunch of Vic-20 stuff (played all of it 7-10 years ago so I'd imagine it still works too). i'm not looking to sell anything but I would like to know roughly what is and isn't common. My first console was SNES and that same one still works and is still hooked up to my entertainment center, the few times I've sold hardware I've regretted it!

So here is the list of Vic-20 cartridges (there are also tapes?? I have a cassette drive for it but never used it):

Cosmic Jailbreak
Omega Race
Personal Finance
Radar Ratrace
Raid on Fort Knox
Super Expander with 3k RAM Cartridge
Super Smash
Xonox Double-Ender: Sir Lancelot / Robin Hood
Xonox Double-Ender: Ghost Manor / Spike's Peak

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Re: Attic dive

Postby Mayhem » Mon Aug 14, 2017 4:50 am

Welcome :)

Polaris and the Xonox double enders are reasonably uncommon to rare territory, the rest are common.
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