CBM FileBrowser for uIEC SD2IEC MMC2IEC

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Re: CBM FileBrowser for uIEC SD2IEC MMC2IEC

Postby Boray » Tue Dec 26, 2017 1:17 pm

I've tried the c16/Plus/4 version today with SJLOAD:

Unfortunately, the text gets printed in reverse mode every other time you reload the directory. The colors are a bit wrong as well. See attached picture. Any idea why?

I've made a tiny basic program starting SJLOAD (named "T") and then the file browser (named "FB"). If you save this program as the first program of the SD card, then you can just press shift-runstop and both SJLOAD and CBM File Browser will be started. You can also load it from a sub directory with LOAD"//:M",8 (if called M):
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