VIC-1515 Graphic Printer

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The VIC1515 dot matrix impact printer.
Box for the VIC-1515 printer.

The VIC-1515 is a 7-pin dot matrix impact printer which uses inked ribbon cartridges and tractor feed paper. This printer was the very first "official" printer for the VIC-20 computer. The case colour & sticker fit in with the "white, black & brown" design ethos of the VIC-20 family of peripherals. The VIC-1515 was capable of printing upper case, lower case & all special PETSCII graphic characters used by the VIC-20. It was a "no-frills" device with few features, high noise, slow performance & low print quality. However, it was still highly attractive to consumers because it was inexpensive relative to more professional printers. It is also notable that the VIC-1515 is the first CBM printer to use the Commodore Serial bus (also used by disk drives, etc.). The actual mechanism of this printer was manufactured by Seikosha. It is likely that similar printers to the VIC-1515 exist as sold under different brand names, without the custom Commodore character ROM or serial bus.

The only controls on the VIC-1515 are a mechanical dial which can be used to advance the tractor feed paper and a switch on the rear of the printer that allowed it to operate as serial device 4 or 5.

Unlike later Commodore IEC serial bus printers, the VIC-1515 only had a single CBM serial bus connector. This means that if other serial devices are used then the VIC-1515 must be the last device in the chain.

The VIC-1515 Graphic Printer was the predecessor of the very similar VIC-1525 printer.

Cover of manual for the VIC-1515 printer.
Close-up of the label and LED on the VIC-1515 printer.
Example of text as printed on the VIC-1515.
Rear view of the VIC-1515 Graphic Printer. Single IEC Serial port visible at lower left of picture.

The contents of the VIC-1515 box as it was originally shipped brand new from the factory.