VIC-1011A RS232C adapter

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Box for the VIC-1011A RS232C interface.
The VIC-1011A RS232C interface itself.

The VIC-1011A RS232C (terminal type) adapter is a device that plugs into the VIC-20's user port. It allows many peripherals (manufacturered by Commodore or a third party) which adhere to the industry standard RS232 communications protocol to be connected to the VIC-20. The VIC-1011A is a "terminal type" interface which outputs true RS232 voltages. Because of this it can be used to connect a RS232 modem to the VIC-20.

Like most of the "utilitarian" VIC-20 plug-in peripherals that Commodore produced, the VIC-1011A conforms to the brown & silver colour scheme.

See also the VIC-1011B RS232C adapter.

The VIC-1011A RS232C and manual. The manual colour scheme is unusual for Commodore VIC-20 peripherals.
The VIC-1011A RS232C internally.
The bottom of the VIC-1011A.