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The VC-20 computer.
Early version of VC-20 case badge as seen on a promotional brochure. While similar to the early North American VIC-20 badge, it is not certain whether this version was used on actual production models in Germany
Early-to-middle version of VC-20 case badge.
Later version of VC-20 case badge.

In Germany the VIC-20 was re-named the VC-20. Other than this change, the computer itself was exactly the same as that sold in the rest of Europe. This name change was apparently made because in the German language the word "VIC" sounds similar to a profanity. The shortening of the name to "VC" had the added advantage that it could stand for "Volks Computer". This was a play on "Volks Wagon" - the widely popular German car made for the masses.

Several VIC-20 peripherals were also renamed to go with the VC-20: