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Rescue at Rigel box front
Rescue at Rigel box back
Rescue at Rigel cassette

Rescue at Rigel is a game published by EPYX for various home computers in the early 1980s. A VIC-20 version (product number 416C) was released on cassette in 1982 and required 16K of expansion RAM to run. This was the first game in the Starquest series, followed up by Star Warrior.

Rescue at Rigel is a turn-based exploration and combat game that uses the same game engine as EPYX's successful dungeon-romp "Temple of Apshai". However this science-fiction themed game moves the action to deep space and an alien world. The player controls the hero "Sudden Smith" who, equiped with a blaster and his wits, must rescue 10 human hostages within the span of one hour from an insectoid base orbiting Rigel. The game displays the action in a top-down manner which shows the player's character and immediate surroundings (including enemies and hostages if present).

Keyboard commands for Rescue at Rigel are:

The keyboard commands are:
Screenshot of the VIC-20 version of Rescue at Rigel
  • 0 to 9 - Move forward 0 to 9 feet
    • SHIFT + 0 to 9 - DODGE and move forward 0 to 9 feet
  • A - Amble system on or off (accelerates movement but increases fatigue)
  • B - Fire blaster (uses charges)
  • C - Count the number of captives released
  • F - Fire power gun (consumes energy based on power setting)
  • H - Heal wounds with medkit
  • R - Turn Right
  • L - Turn Left
  • V - Turn around (volte face)
  • O - Open Door
  • S - turn on or off personal force shield (consumes energy)
  • T - Activate transporter beam
  • D - Determine depth of present position
  • P - Set power gun level
    • then type 1-9 to enter new setting.
  • M - Melee (hand to hand combat)
  • ? - negotiate with creature
Command Sheet front
Command Sheet back