Final Expansion

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Final Expansion
Final Expansion board

The VIC-20 Final Expansion is a universal memory expansion for VIC-20. The FE is a cartridge for the expansion slot of the VIC-20. The actual version v3.2 has following features:

The Final Expansion can start any known VIC-20 software. Games and programs will be started by a comfortable menu. The FE gives any expected environment for any software and configures memory requirements automatically on startup.


In addition to one SRAM and one EEPROM memory chip, the PCB contains an ATmega644/1284 microprocessor for the SD2IEC functionality, and an ATF1504 CPLD, which controls the hardware of the FE3 in a single chip.


The software

The firmware of the FE3 is contained within the flash memory. It starts immediately after power on and when the VIC-20 is being reseted.

RAM Configuration: This menu point allows to configure any known memory configuration of the VIC-20.

Diskloader: This menu point exists to load and execute programs on SD card or floppy disk. The diskloader is free configurable by the user and supports any kinds of floppydisk drives and of course the integrated SD2IEC (µIEC).

Cartloader: This menu point exists to load and execute programs directly from flash memory. The flash provides 480KB (from 512KB) userspace. You can fill this userspace with most favourite games and programs. All kind of programs are possible (BASIC, programs, cartridges) to flash into userspace.

FE3 Wedge: This utility extends the command set of the VIC-20 and implements SJLOAD/SJSAVE (JiffyDOS compatible load and save). Cause the integrated SD2IEC is also JiffyDOS compatible, it is a benefit also with the diskloader.


CAD drawing of Final Expansion board, REV8

The schematic of the FE is free available and the firmware is open source - if you can find them. Everyone can freely build a FE3 themselves. It is possible to build a FE3 on a breadboard or a 8 Bit Baby (see also Final Expansion v1)(link dead 2016-09-05).

There are also kits available from Nils at forum64. The WEB Shop is here(link dead 2016-09-05). The assembly instructions are here(link dead 2016-09-05).

Reverse engineered schematic from 10.1 board (accuracy not confirmed): Schematic (pdf, 55kB)